Upgrading the Rear Suspension, a new way of thinking about car videos

So as many of you all know I am all about car upgrades. My most recent one took place about two months ago when I upgrade the rear bushings and shocks on my car. It made a huge difference, so much so I decided to shoot a whole new video. Well… that isn’t the whole story, I was also inspired to make a new video because on the forum I frequent the videos posted are mostly static and very short. I decided to shoot one that changes the way in which you think car video possibilities.

First off, do not try this at home! I did scrap my camera, look!

Here are some prep photos, I mounted a camera in the engine bay to get some video of the driver side’s upper control arm.

I used an LED flashlight to light the arm with the hood closed.

The other camera I used I mounted very low on the front of my car:

Without further delay, here is the video.

[QUICKTIME] http://donna.actlab.utexas.edu/actlab_tv/projects/spring_2008/twin_camera_shoot.mov [/QUICKTIME]