Getting a new Rear End

Ok, so maybe not personally, but my car did! And I am not talking about the body! I took the car over to the great guys at motion dynamics where they rebuilt and upgraded my rear differential. Here are the list of upgrades:

-upgrade from 3.27 to 3.73 gears (ring and pinion)

-Ford Trac Loc with 2004 Mustang Corbra Carbon Clutch kit

-repacking of bearings and sleeves

-Upgraded rear diff cover to a TA (the OEM for the Ford Racing rear diff covers)

-Speedo gear change

You get all that? 🙂

I met with the Motion Dynamic guys last Friday and got everything setup to show up on Monday. So I took it over to Motion Dynamics on Monday (thanks for the ride mark!) and they began work on it. In the afternoon I got a call from Craig at MD telling me that I did not actually have a limited slip differential, to say the least I was shocked, as my father originally bought this car and I was there with him when he got it. The short of it, after calling my dad, is that the car did come with one but he said it made noise so he took it to get fixed under warranty and evidently when they “replaced” it they stuck a stock diff in. I feel like going to North Park and telling the Garage Manager “10 years ago you all did some warranty work on my car and repaired it with the wrong part”, however I do not think they would care much…

So with that hiccup, it took until Tuesday for them to finish, however I dropped by Monday afternoon to take some pics of the diff apart. Here they are:

(above: pic of the rear diff cover, noticed the re-enforced mold)

(above: Cameron from Motion Dynamics working on the rear diff build)

(above: this is a pic of the old diff)

(above: this is a pic of the rear-end all taken apart)

(above: and here it is all back together)

So I came back on Tuesday afternoon and took the car out with Craig to make sure everything was up to snuff and let me tell you, it is beyond snuff! I also had them do a complete re-tuning of my transmission which now shifts like silk unless you give it some welly (then it is nice, quick and firm)!

So a big thanks to Motion Dynamics, those are some stand up Gentlemen! If you have not already seen my pictures of their facility, feel free to take a look.

Oh yeah and here is a short little video to send you off with!

[QUICKTIME 320 256]