Going Built…

Joey with his car looking happy.

BOC Tranny Upgrade Post:

Technical Information about Transmission Upgrade:

4R75W-B 34

Late Model Valve Body Upgrade

Tail-Shaft Lube Modification

(Already had cooler)

Factory Deep Sump with Pan

High Carbon OD 2” Band

Aluminum Shaft Upgrade (got from QuickVic30, then had U-joints serviced)

Flex Plat

11.25″ Torque Converter Street/Strip (modded MM/Mach 1 TC with 3000 stall)

The Installation:

Blue Oval Chips Transmission and aluminum driveshaft upgrade

The install had a few hiccups to be honest.The transmission had a wiring issue that had to be re-configured and the parking paw was missing.However Lonnie (owner of Blue Oval) quickly worked to help me figure out the problems I was having and was totally honest about the fact that he may have made a mistake.At no point did Lonnie ever try to make it seem like I was the one at fault.

I have to say Lonnie is one of the few poeple I have ordered/worked with that has offered truly honest service.Luckily one of the other persons that I know who are honest in the business is my mechanic, Ly at KC Automotive.He is a one man band who I have been using for years now.I had Lee put the transmission in since he has personally rebuilt 10’s if not 100’s of transmission himself.

So when we ran into the two issues, Ly knew exactly what to do and how to fix them.As did Lonnie, it was amazing to see how things were fixed in a relatively quick time frame.I received the transmission on a Wednesday and by Sunday morning I was driving my car (that’s right Lee worked on a Sunday so I could have my car).  I will say that during the installation/problems I was highly skeptical and upset, however I knew to keep my cool (though I did lose it once or twice).  Lonnie would remind me that he would get things taken care of and he would not let me walk away unhappy, and I didn’t!

Ly Working on the MGM

So I have to admit, I had never even driven in a car with a high stall torque converter let alone driven one.So when I first got the transmission, I had to totally re-learn the way I drive my car.The other big difference in general was that I got one of Lonnie’s famous tunes for my car.I have to say I am very impressed with his tuning capabilities, as my car already had a tune from my local tuner.The transmission drove exactly how he and many others on crownvic.net had described it.If you lay off the gas and drive it smooth, it is like butter, but if you get into it, it becomes a full on rocket.I had him set the shifts ultra firm, so at WOT, the thing really fires away.

So having never really driven a high stall torque converter, I took my car to my local performance shop where I get a lot of my performance work done and had Craig my performance Mechanic take it for a spin.Now Craig has a 95 MGM, a 10 second black early 9’s stang and a low 9’s/high 8’s red 80’s stang.So I asked him to take me for a spin in my car and wring it out to make sure it was up to snuff.To say the least he was impressed.He said he wouldn’t mind getting one of these (the transmissions) put in his black car.I thought that was a compliment in and of it’s self.

There was a moment, which I will never forget for the rest of my life, when Craig and I were one light from the shop and he said “is there a cop in that car?”, pointing to a parked cop car. I say “why you going to stall it?” , he nods and next thing I know we are chirping in second!

To top it all off, the next day (Tuesday) my friend MaruaderMike calls me up and dogs me to go to Marauderville with him, I talk to my wife about it and an hour later we had the MGM packed and headed out, but that is a whole other story (one for which is still being written down), but the short of it is, I kept up with all the N/A cars and they were definitely impressed with my ride. So over 2000 miles later (and only two weeks since having the Transmission), I am glad to say I love this new transmission!!!

Thank you Lonnie, Lee and Craig for all your all’s help and expertise.