Bondurant: A high performance driving academy in the U.S.

Boost Logic: Formed in the early 2000’s by Kean Wang, Boost Logic is now a forced induction manufactuer and high-performance automotive specialist based out of Austin, TX.

Chris: Chris is a high performance automotive specialist who helped found Boost Logic and Performance Motorsports.

Code Switching: The ability to interpret others cultures and linguistically translate it into another.

Corina: My Lovely Wife, also an anthropologist and cultural studies expert.

Crotch Rocket: A sport motorcycle, usually japanese that is made purely for speed, such as a GSX, Ninja or Hybusa

Cultural Fluidity: A term used to describe when someone has the ability to use culture in a way to make themselves seamlessly transcend from one culture to another.

Data Log: A term used by tuners when they are gathering ECU/TCU information in order to make adjustments/diagnose a particular setup.

To Dial In (as in “Justin had his car pretty well dialed in”): This is practice when drag racing where you adjust your suspension, tire pressure and engine management system for the track specific conditions.

DONK: Usually a late model sedan that has large rims (over 24″‘s) and is raised.  They often have themes as well, such as candy or famous icons.

Drag Racing:

Drag Radials: specifically designed for drag racing, Drag Radials or DR’s tend to have a soft side wall that have “give” as to allow the tire to flex.  This in combination with a soft rubber compound allow a superiort lateral grip.

Drifting: A style of racing/entertainment that requires a driver to maintain a controlled skid through various turns.

DUB: A car which is lowered and has large rims, often times these cars ride on air suspensions so the cars ride height may be altered often, even while the car is moving.

Dynometer: In this study a Dynometer is a reference to a tool used by tuners to measure horsepower/tune a car without having to drive it on the street or on a track.

ECU: Engine Control Unit, a term often used with talking about modifying a car’s engine management system.

Elite Motor Sports: A central Texas exotic automotive dealership owned by SW.

Exhaust: For the sake of this body of work, exhaust refers to the system for which used air/fuel leaves a combustion motor in an automobile.

Fabricator: In the automotive realm, a Farbricator is someone who makes custom objects.  They range from welders to stereo installers to paint/body workers.  They tend to be people who are creative in a 3D space.

Forced induction: Forced Induction is used as a general term when referring to supercharging and turbocharging, aka forced induction technologies.

Headers: Headers are tubular exhaust manifolds which often offer the exhaust a freer flowing setup.

Horsepower: In lay terms horsepower is how much “power” the car makes, it is usually measured either on an engine dyno (i.e. the motor is mounted by itself to a dyno) or “at the wheels” (i.e. when a car is strapped to a drum and power is measured through the wheels).

Intake: The intake is part of a combustion engine which collects the air to use in the air/fuel mixture fed into the cylinders.

Justin: The founder and owner of Tuning Concepts

Kean: The founder of Boost Logic

Malibu Grand Prix: A go-cart/open wheel amateur race track franchise from the 80’s and 90’s.

Marc: A fabricator for Boost Logic as well as owner of the streetfighter

Meet/Street Meet: This is an informal gathering of car ethnusisats at a parking lot or other space that is conducive to cars congregating.  They often occur on a weekly basis and are traditionally not formally organized.

Mickey Thompson: A brand of tires that specialize in drag racing radials.

Pull: a full running of the engine rpm range with the transmission in or near a 1:1 ratio

Ricer: an inexperienced driver with a slow car, but thinks they are experienced and fast, who tend to drive recklessly and out of control.

S.W. : Sriyantha Weerasuria

Shakedown Pass: a pass where you do not go all out, but just get “feel” for the track and the car

Sleeper: A car that look slower then it really is.

To Stage a Car: Staging a car is a term used when preparing a car to do a quarter mile pass, staging includes, but is not limited to, doing a burn out in the “water box” and then lining up between the two markers at the starting point.

Street Drag Radials:

Street Legal Race Car: A car which is street legal and road worthy.  This term is often used when talking about cars that almost qualifies as a race car, but is registered at the DMV and passes emissions.

Strip Car/Dragster: A strip car is a car that has been  prepped for going to the quarter-mile track.  Such preparation might included have drag radials (tires) and suspensions settings that encourage a certain type of weight transfer that encourages the rear of the car to squat when launching and then even out as it goes down the track.  With such setups you will notice they tend to look like they are lurching forward because of their suspension settings.

Trap/Trap Speed: The speed at which one is traveling when passing the quarter mile marker.

Tuner: A tuner is a person who knows how to tune an engine and often times a transmission.

Tuning Concepts: A high-end specialized high performance automotive engine management tuner, Tuning Concepts is internationally recognized as one of the best AEM and FCONN tuners in the world.

Turbo: A turbo is a type of forced induction that pressurizes the intake by scavenging exhaust energy through a turbine which then proceeds to turn second turbine that fills the intake. By using this type of system you are able to mix more air into the air/fuel mixture and create more horsepower.

To Walk Someone: A term used to describe when you are racing someone and you clearly pull away from them during the race.

The Whole Tail: The long tail is a reference to the addition of both the short and long tail media references often used to describe mainstream (short tail) and user generated/b rated content (long tail).