There are many people to thank and credit with helping me throughout my research and dissertation process.

-My wife Corina, without her none of this would have been possible, thank you!

-All the ACTLabbers for their support.

-My dissertation Committee

The following people I would like to thank for their un-wavering support and for truly being there at all times for me, whether I was facing the firing line for my research approaches or trying to start my turbo’ed MGM, they were right there beside me.

The Academics

Sandy Stone, Nancy Schasarri, Kuro Tawil, Dustin Younse, Stephanie Appell, Brandon Wiley, Patrick Burkart, Stephen Inniss,

The Racers

Marc Evans, Justin Ninni, Zohair Jaffery, Chris Johnson, Josh aka Roush Racer, Marauder Mike, Craig Powell, Mustang Nick, Kenneth, Jorge, Bill Dollahite, Joe Williams, Kenneth Reed

Mi Familia and Compadres

My wife Corina, my parents (David and Cynthia), my brothers Danny and Mikey, my sister Tina and all my nieces and nephews, in-laws and brother in-laws and sister in law, my whole extended family (t00 many to list)Creston Funk Jr., Creston Funk III, Peter More,